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At any point along your lifespan you might be struggling to understand more about yourself and the world of work. Which one of these describes you?

I just  graduated from high school.  I dread the  questions, “What do you want to do?”  “What do you plan to major in when you go to college?”

I am a college graduate and don’t know what my next steps are to find employment.

I invested in a career path, and am so miserable, but I feel it is too late to make a change. 

I started working and realized that the job is not what I thought it would be, and I hate going to work on Mondays.

I am having difficulties with performance issues on the job. I feel different from my co-workers. I isolate  myself and feel the need to be perfect. I don't want anyone to know that I am struggling. I have an invisible disability and need to keep it a secret.

I am struggling with work/family issues and can’t seem to find a balance between the two.

I am experiencing a divorce. I am returning to work after raising children. I don’t feel, or even know if, my work/life experience is relevant.

I have been laid-off and am fearful that I am too old to be employable.

I have never had job satisfaction and am not ready to retire, but I don’t know what other opportunities are out there for me.

These struggles can create feelings of shame, isolation, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness about future possibilities. People can feel lost, stuck, and unable to move forward.

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