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About Me


I am a career changer, spending over 20+ years in the field of human resources where I worked in a variety of industries.  Eventually I became disillusioned by mergers and acquisitions and began to question the path I was traveling on.


I do believe that we will be learning until we are no longer here on this planet.  When I began to approach this process, I did it with an open mind and an open heart.  I reached out to others for support (which was never easy for me to do). My quest to discover my true self and purpose began to unfold.


  • I discovered that the experiences I gained in HR were not intuitive, and it saddened me to realize that we really do not prepare our youth for the world of work. 

  • Often I found that others embarked into adult life with little insight regarding their own self, and struggled to hear their own authentic voice. 

  • I discovered that career choices were often imposed upon us by well-meaning friends, teachers or family, and this included cultural and societal expectations. 

  • Little value was placed on self-discovery or even self-awareness throughout one’s life.

  • I also realized that what was missing was a rich emphasis on truly understanding what a job/career entails in real life. This included how to land those positions.




I am…

  • passionate about helping people discover a career path that speaks to them.

  • a trained listener, looking for what’s underneath and not being said.

  • committed to inspiring and motivating people to move forward with their goals.

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On a Personal Note

I have two adult children who are self-supporting and enjoy their work. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my rescue dog, Delilah.  I embrace my creative side by taking photos, planting, and crafting of sorts, which also allows me to express myself.  Watching films, walking, talking and hanging out with friends and family gives me joy. I continue to love to learn, travel and experience new places, which feeds my curiosity.

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